Things That Will Determine the Size of Your Car Accident Settlement

Car accident settlements help vehicle owners a great deal in bouncing back after being involved in an accident. Accidents can get ugly and put severe dents in their finances. More so, they lead to injuries that may cause loss of wages or even income. One of the most common questions regarding car accident settlements that drivers ask is how the size they will be awarded. The truth of the matter is, this will vary due to several factors. Here are the determinants of the amount of settlement you will get from an insurance company.

1. Your ability to prove liability

It is for this reason that your Charlotte car accident lawyer will emphasize the importance of taking photos of the accident scene. If our lawyer is able to prove to the insurance company that the other driver was at fault, then you are likely to get a favorable settlement. The same applies if the other driver proves that your negligence is what led to the accident. In this case, you will receive a low compensation. It is why you need to be proactive at the scene if you are in a position to. Talk to witnesses and take as many photos of the cars before they are moved. This will come in handy in negotiating your settlement.

2. Medical expenses

If you incurred medical expenses after the accident, then your settlement will be of higher value. However, you need to have evidence that you got injuries from the accident. The only proof that the insurance adjuster will accept is medical records. An experienced attorney from The Nye Law Group understands the importance of medical records and will insist that you do not skip the doctor’s visit. 

A doctor’s report will state the medical expenses you will incur now and in the future. A thorough doctor’s assessment is vital as it will prevent instances in which you will accept a low settlement. A good attorney can recommend a medical practitioner that has experience with the kind of injuries you have. This way, you will be able to get an almost accurate structure of medical expenses. Skipping or delaying medical treatment can impact your settlement severely. For instance, you might end up bagging only a settlement for the repair of your car. 

3. The impact of personal injury

The size of the settlement you will be awarded also depends on the effects of the personal injury accident on your life. while some accidents leave the driver with a damaged bumper, some go beyond that. If the accident causes both economic and non-economic damage such as pain and suffering, disfigurement among other damages, your settlement size may have to be increased. 

Whether or not you are pursuing a car accident claim with the help of a professional will also determine the size of your settlement. A car accident attorney can help you get the best settlement for your claim. This is by guiding you and doing the negotiation on your behalf.