Types of Compensation offered in Wrongful Death Claims.

Grappling with the demise of a close family member can be devastating. It’s one of the stressful things that no one wishes to endure. In such a case, the family members should file a claim and follow up for compensation to cater for the loss and damages. It’s also wise to seek counsel from a Pensacola wrongful death lawyer if you suspect the death resulted from neglect.

What is a wrongful death claim?

A wrongful death claim is a lawsuit, usually filed by the family members of a loved one who has suffered a wrongful death. In most cases, the death results from neglect by another party. If this happens, the family of the victim files a lawsuit against the negligent party seeking compensation for their losses.

What are the forms of compensation in case of a wrongful death?

There’s no amount of compensation that can fill the gap left by a loved one due to wrongful death. Although monetary settlement can assist the family members in sorting out a few expenses and deal with financial hardships, many take time to recover from the loss. In some cases, some may not even be willing to file a compensation claim. For those who opt to file for a wrongful death case, here are types of wrongful death compensation to expect.

1. Pecuniary damages

These are damages paid to the deceased family to cater for the financial burden due to their loss. It usually reimburses members lost wages, medical expenses, funeral costs, future earnings, and any other related costs.

2. Punitive damages

Punitive damages are rare, and in most cases, they are given as a way of punishing the negligent party for their recklessness. They are mostly used in cases involving large businesses and corporations because they are unlikely to feel any pinch due to the punitive amount. Nonetheless, it helps the bereaved family to cater for some of the expenses associated with the demise of their loved one.

3. Compensatory damages

Most family members suffer in silence after losing loved ones to wrongful death. 

In most cases, many experience psychological and emotional trauma and may take a lot of time to heal from the loss. For this reason, compensation damages are a form of monetary tokens paid to the bereaved family for their emotional and psychological distress. Moreover, seek psychological counseling to help in dealing with the emotions.

Why seek the help of a wrongful death attorney?

A wrongful death lawyer helps the bereaved family with all the legal matters concerning the wrongful death case. They help follow up the legal suit, and this gives the family ample time to mourn. Moreover, a Gross & Schuster lawyer will represent your family in court and ensure that justice is served, and the family gets a proper settlement for their loss.


If you lose a loved one and you suspect that the death resulted from neglect, save yourself the trouble, time, and money. Moreover, engage a wrongful death attorney to assist you. They will navigate the legal processes and earn you decent compensation.