Workplace Injuries and Related Work Injury Claims

Workplace injuries are prevalent, and it’s surprising how most of them go unreported. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to seek medical help and consult an Indianapolis workers comp lawyer. The attorney will guide on all the legal issues associated with workplace injuries. Although it isn’t easy to stop such damages, there are many steps that you can take to make the work environment safer. 

Below are incidents that cause workplace injuries:

1. Falling

Slips or falls are common in workplaces. You can trip on the same level or on to a lower level. Falling on the same level is common among many workplaces, and can happen to all employees. Falls to more moderate levels are common during construction, in construction sites. Falling can as well occur in high elevation wok sites. Falling may include falling from ladders, a roof, or down a staircase.

2. Hitting

In most workplaces, workers use a variety of tools, and some of them can fall when one is performing the tasks allocated. As a result, the device can hit a worker leading to severe injuries. For instance, if you’re working on a roof and a hammer falls, hitting a fellow worker, the damages can be plentiful. You can as well hit objects like tables, desks, glass doors, and get injured.

3. Body reactions

Your body can react negatively due to sitting, bending, standing, and many other actions that are not necessarily falling or slipping. Such injuries can happen to any worker and can affect you negatively, just like in the case of falls.

4. Crush injuries

You can be caught or pressed by equipment at work, mostly machinery, which can lead to severe injuries. Most of the machines used in manufacturing companies are very powerful, and the experience can be devastating. Workers can also get exposed to very high temperatures, frostbites, heat exhaustion, burning, and get injured by the changing temperatures.

What are the types of work injury claims?

Burn injury claims- Burns mostly affect chefs, kitchen workers, and people who work with chemicals and other dangerous substances. Burn injuries are painful and can lead to many days off work. They can also cause unsightly scars, which affect you psychologically. So, it’s critical to seek support from a Kooi Law attorney; they can help you understand the details regarding emotional distress resulting from injuries incurred at work.

Manual handling claims- A worker can sustain injuries while carrying out manual handling and heavy lifting jobs. While you may experience the effects of the injuries immediately, others may bother you after a long period.

Repetitive strain injury claims- Repetitive strain injuries are common among manual workers and anyone who performs repetitive tasks at work. You can avoid this type of injury by learning the risks associated with repetitive tasks. But, in case you sustain injuries from such tasks, you can file a claim on the same.


Workplace injuries affect many workers all over the world. Every worker can fall victim to workplace injuries, and this can cause both pain and financial hardship. The best way to prevent injuries and accidents in the workplace is by learning how to avoid them before they happen.